Our structure
General Assembly // Photo: Sven Kubetzko
Strategic Structure
The highest policy and regulatory body of the Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM) is the General Assembly of all member churches and organizations. The General Assembly appoints the Board of Trustees (legal owner), the Executive Committee (governing body), the General Secretary and the Deputy General Secretary.

The Executive Committee (EC) appoints Sub-Committees to advice the Management and Board in matters of Finance, Audit, Human Resources, Administration and Law.

The EC also appoints the members of various commissions, that support the EC defining the policy plans in these topics:
List Mission and ministry development
List Theology and christian education
List Development and humanitarian relief
List Women and gender development
List Youth and children
List Ethics, peace and justice
List Education
List Health
List Mass media and communication
List Stewardship and accountability

To put the plans to action there are the Regional Committee North, Regional Committee Central and Regional Committee South. The Regional Committees are accountable to the EC and the General Secretary. On a more local level there are numerous District and Zonal Committees that are accountable to the Regional Committees.

Operational Structure
The Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM) has its main Secretariat in Lilongwe. In each of the three regions EAM has established a coordinating office to facilitate the effective delivery of its work in the regions. The General Secretary and Deputy General Secretary are responsible for a successful implementation of the EAM policy. Their instruments are 10 Commission Desks that support all Regional Offices implementing the different programs, which put the policies to practice. The Desks and Regional Offices are accountable to the Director of Programmes.

To ensure the efficiency and integrity of the EAM an Internal Auditor is appointed by the Sub-Committees. The Auditor is accountable to these committees and to the General Secretary.
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