Crisis and disaster response
Photo: Sven Kubetzko
Natural and men-made disasters recurrently strike Malawi and expose a lot of Malawians in rural areas to vulnerability. The Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM) has established strong structures to effectively respond to these disasters. Our CDR-teams work together with the governmental Department of Disaster Management Affairs district assemblies, traditional leaders and key government departments at district level, such as the Department of Social Welfare, the police or the Ministry of Agriculture and Health.

EAM is actively involved in all stages of disaster responses (short-term emergency programmes and long-term recovery and rebuilding programmes). Besides that, we are helping the Malawians to build a resilience through prevention and preparedness for response when disaster strikes. There are different approaches to achieve these objectives, such as promoting irrigation techniques, teaching how to build houses that withstand natural disasters, or training small-scale farmers how to use crop diversity and how to build storage systems.
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