Education and life skills
Photo: Sven Kubetzko
Education has a very important impact on the social and economic development of a country. The Malawian education system operates on a so called 8-4-4 system:
List Primary education (8 years)
List Secondary education (4 years)
List Higher education (4 years)

Each of these sectors faces serious challenges due to inadequate resources. The Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM) has committed itself to the following:

Commission on education
Establishing a Commission on Education to promote greater evangelical involvement in the development of positive education policies in the country.

Development of primary education
EAM has established and built a state of the art Emmanuel Teacher Training College (ETTC) to train primary school teachers for both public and mission schools in public areas. ETTC’s mission is to prepare excellent teachers for service to God’s people committed to teaching as a calling (Ephesians 4:11).

EAM education platform
The forum for EAM member churches engaged in education is a platform where they share experiences and best practices, and maximize their synergy to plan and implement education interventions and promote standards in Malawi to improve education.

EAM university
Plans are underway for EAM to establish its own university in September 2016. The university will be offering diplomas and degrees for various courses besides the teacher training programme. Currently a task force of reputable academics is working on developing a curriculum and documentation for accreditation through the Malawian Government.

Teacher Support Unit
Through its Teacher Support Unit EAM provides a close follow-up of all the teachers graduating from ETTC to provide them with the much needed spiritual and moral support whilst serving in Malawi’s rural areas. On regular basis alumni retreats and conferences are organized to motivate and equip the teachers to effectively serve the children in their various communities.
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