Evangelism and discipleship
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The Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM) is committed to mobilizing, uniting and equipping the whole evangelical church in Malawi for effective proclamation of the Gospel through word and deeds in both urban and rural areas of the country. We believe that the Gospel of Christ has the power to transform lives. This is the very reason that Jesus Christ came for: that we may have life and have it abundantly (John 10:10). As a faith based organization we strive to be ambassadors of God’s love for all mankind.

Mission and evangelism
EAM provides a number of services to its members in the areas of mission and evangelism: We facilitate evangelistic and sound bible teaching programmes in churches utilising spiritual gifts and resources available within the evangelical fraternity.

EAM promotes joint interdenominational gospel outreaches in various parts of the country and beyond, especially focusing on unreached people groups.

EAM promotes effective church engagement in church planting. Recently EAM has partnered with Dynamic Church Planting International to provide training to church leaders and christian workers across the country. The response has been overwhelming.

EAM is promoting church involvement in intercultural missions. A mission agency, called Malawi Missions International (MMI) has been established with the assistance of EAM to facilitate mission. MMI supports churches identifying, equipping and deploying mission workers in unreached people groups within the country and beyond.

Prayer mobilisation
EAM is actively engaged in mobilizing intercessory prayers for the national concerns in Malawi and beyond. We coordinate the Intercessors for Malawi, an intercessory network ministry committed to mobilising, uniting and equipping prayer warriors for spiritual warfare for the spiritual and social transformation of our nation and beyond.

Beside that a prayer bulletin is released periodically by EAM to guide intercessors effectively in prayer.

EAM also organizes regular interdenominational prayers at national, regional, district and zonal level to address issues of common concern. These prayers have proved to be very useful during times of political transitions, natural disasters, droughts and other concerns. Additionally we organize the annual Global Day of Prayers on Pentecostal Sunday across the country, during which we join christians worldwide in prayer for revival and renewal.

Women's ministry
EAM facilitates the women’s ministry which brings together women leaders from different churches. It’s a platform for these women to share the joys and challenges of their ministry. Recently a Women and Gender Commission has been established to facilitate the growth of women ministries and greater women participation in churches and national development.

Pastor's fraternal network
Over the years we have established pastor's fraternal networks across the country, bringing together church leaders from diverse evangelical and non-evangelical church backgrounds for fellowship, to unite the church on many issues, and to corporate mission initiatives.

Children's ministry
EAM is partnering with a number ministries focusing on children to assist churches discipling children holistically, for example Awana, Compassion International and the Child Evangelisation Fellowship. Besides that we are now in the process of developing a child protection policy to be adapted by our member churches and organizations.

Bible training for church pastors and lay leaders
70 percent of the church leaders in Malawi have never had a formal bible or theological training. EAM is offering a programme called Bible Training for Church Pastors and Lay Leaders (BTCP) to equip them with a basic theological framework and sound doctrine. The interdenominational training is a course with ten manuals which are not doctrinal biased and provide general truths concerning the faith, church administration, the word of God and so on. It is a great learning opportunity for church leaders.
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